Day 2 of #30DaysOfFlutter

Day 2 of #30DaysOfFlutter

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Cynthia Peter
·Mar 4, 2020·

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Dear Diary, It's a new day and yeah I woke up at about 9:17 am, after sleeping by 4:16 am, but I ain't complaining.

So, I started a new project to try out making a custom onboarding screen. And it was going well, till I tried importing custom fonts and it failed, I kept getting my texts with those annoying yellow lines and a red font style.

I kept 'getting packages' and restarting my app, but it didn't work. I was stuck at this for about the first 2 hours. It's not even funny, but I am laughing🤣.

At first I kept searching "custom font not showing", every solution I got advised I go check my indentation at pubspec.yaml or restart my app. When all the proposed solution failed, I decided to change my question pattern, so I asked google " why do I have double yellow lines under my fonts in flutter" and there, I got it: It was because I didn't use scaffold widget, how did I ever miss that?, I wrapped my parent container in a scaffold widget and it worked.

Now, I am excited to go back and smash this task. time: 12:46pm I am back here at 4:11 pm and still haven't done much I ran into another roadblock. So I was declaring a 'Row' inside a container that already had a column, and of course, containers take just one child. I kept getting error messages about how I passed in two arguments instead of one, I got frustrated and went for breakfast turned to lunch obviously😁, came back and had to study my code from top to bottom and back, long story short, I just had to wrap the container and the Row in a column and it worked.

The reason is a column can take multiple widgets as children, but a container can take just one child.

So, I fixed it. My custom onboarding screen works. All I need do is figure out a way to make the last page show a 'next page' arrow without the dot-indicator.

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