Flutterflow celebrates one year Anniversary and over 60,000 Builders.🎉🎉🎉

Flutterflow celebrates one year Anniversary and over 60,000 Builders.🎉🎉🎉

FlutterFlow currently in it's version.2 is a Leading low-code tool used for building Mobile Applications in Flutter.

Flutterflow celebrates its First Anniversary and closes in on 60,000+ builders.

This may be the first time you're reading about Flutterflow or maybe the first time you're seeing it on your screen. But just on the 30th of October Flutterflow celebrated its first anniversary.

The low-code online visual builder allows anyone to build applications very fast using the Flutter and Firebase Stack.

During a call with the Insiders, one of the co-founders - Abel Menigistu stated that 'This tool which started with 500 signups after the first announcement, is celebrating over 60,000 builders and counting". Not only that, they have successfully made collaborations and added new features that will improve development and encourage more people to join the low-code community.


First of all, Introduction

Flutterflow, just like Webflow, is a powerful and efficient web-based design tool that gives you the power to design, build and ship excellent applications. You can achieve this by writing little or no code, as the case may be.

Flutterflow is a visual editor for Flutter. Made with love from California and backed by Y-Combinator. Alex Greaves and Abel Mengistu, ex google teammates, are the co-founders of the company.

With amazing support from the Flutter community, the team are excited to keep building this tool and if you have any suggestions, don't fail to reach out.

What you get from Flutterflow

Flutterflow offers a visual, low-code application builder that:

  • Aids Ultra-fast development.
  • Produces quality apps that scale.
  • Low-code without limitations.
  • Saves time and resources.

The most significant differentiating feature Flutterflow has over other visual builders is exporting quality codes that are easy to read.


In addition to that, a couple of features that Flutterflow has includes:

  • 🔔 Push Notifications.
  • 🚀 Deploy directly to the App Store.
  • 🎯 Custom functions using Dart code.
  • 💰 Accept payments using Braintree/Paypal.
  • 👯 Invite your team to a project to collaborate.
  • 🔍 Add search to your apps seamlessly using Algolia.
  • 🌊 Animations (both natively in FlutterFlow and imported Lottie animations).
  • 🗺 Google Maps integration (which can also display search results as markers!).

To celebrate the first anniversary🎉🎉🎉, the team announced new features:

On the 29th of October 2021, the Flutterflow team announced seven new features to celebrate its first anniversary, including integration with Rive to allow builders to implement animations in their projects. This is fantastic news for builders. The new features are:

  1. Rive integration🚀: This feature allows you to use Rive animations inside of FlutterFlow.
  2. Custom Fonts ✍: In addition to Google Fonts, users can now upload their own custom font (.ttf and .otf format)
  3. SnackBars🍩: The SnackBar widget can be easily customized based on design needs.
  4. Barcode/QR Scanner⚡: Easily integrate barcode and QR scanners into your mobile applications.
  5. Expandable Widget📏: A new expandable widget.
  6. Run Mode Access Control🏳: A control panel for users to easily control access to their previous Run Mode versions.
  7. Copy Paste Pages Between Projects📜: Users can now copy pages between projects, making the building even faster!

To stay connected to the Flutterflow community and get information, visit the Community page.

Getting started with Flutterflow

To get started,

Joining the discord community gives you access to the Flutterflow teammates, professional Flutterflow builders, mobile app developers, jobs, and even Flutterflow Insiders.

In summary

Flutterflow is an excellent visual editor for building mobile applications and encourages teamwork and support from the company and builders. This low-code platform empowers people to build native applications visually.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to build a mobile application without thinking so much about the logic and the algorithms to get it done?

Or have you thought about how you can build mobile applications without learning Flutter or react native or any programming languages or frameworks?

Flutterflow is a good shot at being a mobile app builder. Head over to Flutterflow.io to start building.

Happy building✨✨✨

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