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Hello buddy! I know I haven't really kept to my side of the deal by writing all I've learned in my everyday learning. I am so sorry and I'll make it up to you.

So, it's the 8th of March 2020 and as I sit here and mourn my not being good enough and being a broke young woman, I have some messages popping in my inbox congratulating me for being a "Millenial woman making a wave in her tech career," I mean me?

I have worse issues going on right now and I feel like I don't even deserve to make that list, I haven't even built anything I can be proud of, I haven't even been able to make a decent living out of myself. I am broke! As a matter of fact, I just got a loan of....(I will talk about how much loan I got from him someday when I feel less embarrassed😁, but for now, just know that I am that broke but somehow made it to the list of exceptional women in tech). So, I got the loan from a friend and hope to pay it back by April/May, I have no idea why I feel that I will get a gig that would get me off my broke state. But I am positive that something is coming.

In the past few days, I have had some challenges like no electricity and all so I couldn't meet up with the challenge of coding at least 5hrs daily. But in all, I have done well to make my first contribution to open-source on Web monetization on the Creative Commons project via the outreachy internship. I really hope to make it to the list of accepted interns, it will be a great opportunity for me to focus and expand my network and stretch my brains a little more. I plan to make at least three more contributions before the contribution stage ends in April.

So, we celebrated international women's day and I made it to the list of "Nigerian Millennial Women 👩🏽‍💻 Making Waves In Their Tech Careers" and I was on that list with people like Ada Oyom, like really? Me? sharing a space with such amazing devs from Decagon, Microsoft, Google. I was humbled really. I retweeted and the congratulations I got were heartwarming. And at that moment I felt, yeah maybe I don't feel like I am doing much, why don't you just try to do it.

I am really honored to have influenced the lives of many positively in my own little way. Now, I'll work hard to have a good resume and make some money too.

Right now, I have a full plate:

  • Contributing to open source through outreachy.
  • Building a shopping app for DafeSoftware.
  • Having an account for freelance writing on upwork.
  • And writing more articles for

I hope I can be able to figure out how to do all these and not lose my mind.

To a day I come back here to refer to this day, the days I struggle as a developer, or when some persons need the motivation, I wish to tell you that, I was here, I have been at this crazy spot of feeling worthless, undeserving and overly hyped. I have been at the spot where I wanted to drop all this coding thing and go get some regular job, yunno. But somehow the universe keeps bringing me back and I really wanna give the mother universe a chance to prove me wrong.

Cheers 🥂🍻🥂 to the day I come back and smile at this article.

Plenty thanks to Favour Anukogu for thinking me worthy to be featured in her blog '

I am grateful for everything I have in my life: To God who keeps giving me a chance to live and be healthy and have people that love me. To my family for being my motivation and support since day 1. And to Dave Marz, my darling best friend, and best/favorite cheerleader for always believing in me and making me feel less bad about myself. To Iyke, Franconet for lending me some money in seconds without even doubting me or asking when I'll payback. Thanks for believing me always.

One day, I want to make you guys really proud.