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It's a bright morning, I worked most of the hours at night to make sure I ran my first "Hello World" program and guess what? I was successful!!!....yay๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ I was able to run my first program by using materials on flutter docs.

Firstly, I had to install Andriod studio given that I have never really done Andriod development. I have always avoided taking Andriod classes and projects. But this new job presents me with the challenge of building a project using Flutter.

I successfully installed Andriod studio, installed flutter SDK, and got stuck when I ran 'flutter doctor'. I kept getting the "accept licenses" error message. At first it gave about two errors and one warning. First was "accept SDK licenses", the second was "installing flutter and dart plugins on VS Code, and the last was connecting a real device for testing since I ain't using an emulator. I tried solving the license issue, got help from lots of folks but it still wouldn't budge, so I just started with solving that of Vs Code and the 'device not found' warnings. I figured that out, wasn't so difficult. But had to call my boss and my teammate to come help out with the license errors, after many tries, looking up StackOverflow and all, we solved it. And flutter doctor ran perfectly well.๐Ÿ˜Š

I did the test run as directed on the documentation, and it sure did work. And finally, I ran my 'hello world' yesterday. Today, I'll be looking up videos on Dart and flutter to get a basic understanding of basic concepts. And tryout the "startup_name generator app" on dev docs.

I am most grateful to my teammates and my tweebs on twitter and some folks that have given me support in the past few days to start out. I promise to work hard and be better daily.

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