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Hey, I am assuming you must've passed me off as a big scam. Yes, I definitely agree with you. I have promised to do a whole lot of things but ended up not doing even the smallest part. I ain't happy with myself. I know I should've and could've done better if I stuck to some rules, but then I allowed distractions and procrastination to keep me from achieving my goals anytime I set them.

It's the first day of March 2020, And I want to dedicate the next 30 days to develop myself. Learning to code and writing more articles. I want to start with a fashion store app. I will be designing it using flutter and at free times, I'll work on my side projects that I abandoned a long time ago.

I'll spend less time on social media, more time watching TedX videos, My Udemy course, and even more books.

The goal is to get a better grasp of flutter and if possible get my Udemy certification at the end of March.

I will be tagging this challenge "#30DaysOfFlutter. I will write every day to document what I learn and share it with the community.

At the end of this challenge, I hope to have an Udemy certification on flutter and dart and also have at least one completed project to show for it. I don't have an accountability partner, but I am hoping I can hold myself accountable through these next few weeks.

Let the coding challenge begin!!!!