MY DAY 1 OF #30DaysOfFlutter

MY DAY 1 OF #30DaysOfFlutter

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Β·Mar 2, 2020Β·

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Dear Diary, These days, you seem to be the only one I can talk to freely about my frustrations aside from my partner. 😎

(Diary?, really now?, well that makes sense because I get to share my good and bad days with you, hoping that one day I will come back here and laugh about these days. And that someone will stumble on this someday and feel less horrible about their growth in tech).

So, Yesterday(I mean today, mehn! this is confusing, I am writing this on the 3rd of March, but it's back dated to the 2ndπŸ€”, does it make sense? yes, no?, anyways, the point is I share my frustrations) was my first day of the flutter challenge, I did a good time trying to figure of how the flutter-swiper package works, but it didn't end well. I was frustrated lotta times, had to stop, research, check StackOverflow and had chrome tabs opened in tens.

I even reached out to some folks when I felt it wasn't yielding any results and yes, they offered help, but I got more confused. I felt lost and gave up, I left the hub, came home, drank a crazy quantity of vodka, had a bath and slept. Don't judge my drinking,πŸ˜’ that was the only thing that could keep me off thinking of how much of a failure I was at coding and at the very least help me sleep. My bestie was there to tell me how awesome I was and it was normal to feel down on unsuccessful days. But then I knew I wasn't doing as well as I'll love to do.

I woke up and looked at my codes again at about 9:45 pm after a good sleep and figured out a way to make the first page of the onboarding slider look as shown in the Figma design, but then I couldn't load other pages, it kept overlapping each other and didn't even show at all. There was no concrete documentation of how things worked. I couldn't figure out how they saved the images and called it 'index: index' in the documentation.

"I am a newbie trying to use the package, how do I know how you saved the images and accompanying texts?"....(this is me screaming😱😱😱😱) The aim of the package was defeated: which obviously was to help developers save time and energy instead of building custom swipers/Onboarding screens.

So I decided to start a new project. I created a new flutter project at about 2:15 am, 3rd March 2020 and this time, I plan to create a custom slider by myself, by following tutorials and studying the documentation.

I promised myself to publish an article on creating onboarding screens once I am able to figure this out.

DAY 2 #30DaysOfFlutter

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