My First Developer Job!


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Hello It's my second day at work and I thought I should write about how I feel. I finished my one-year para-military service on Thursday, the 3rd of October 2019. It was one heck of a year, I had to endure staying in an environment without electricity and a bad internet signal. It was very difficult for me to handle given I was on the Andela scholarship program on mobile web specialists, and to crown it all I had a terrible PC๐Ÿ˜’.

Well, good enough I passed outta service on Thursday and left my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) on Friday to Warri to attend DevfestWarri hosted by GDGWarri on Saturday being the 5th of October 2019. It sure was a good experience as we had amazing speakers like Prosper Otemuyiwa, Mercy Ikpe and Mr Celestine.

They talked a lot about building communities, writing experiences/documentations and volunteering a lot too to grow soft skills and learn teamwork. I also had the honors of having a long discussion of growing the ecosystem and involving more females in tech with Mercy Ikpe.

I left for PortHarcourt, Rivers State Nigeria on Monday the 7th. I arrived pretty late, due to the bad road and all. But in all, It was a good trip. On Tuesday I resumed work and it sure was a good welcome. On Wednesday being the 9th was my birthday and my first official meeting with the company.

The CEO welcomed me officially and explained roles and the company's "definition of purpose", which includes creating solutions with software development and building a good relationship with team members and customers.

I was assigned to learn flutter with a team and build a product in 6weeks. We used Wednesday to download all the materials we would need, including video tutorials covering Dart and flutter, flutter SDK, Andriod studio and JDK. And we had a welcome party/birthday party(yes, it was my birthday yesterday!๐Ÿ˜). And today being Thursday, I started with documentation and installing all the tools I'll need to become a flutter developer.

And yay!, I just finished installing Andriod studio and I have me first "Hello world" on my phone. I'll be sharing my journey as I learn, just so I become a better person both at learning and sharing what I've learned. Please feel free to add comments and corrections too. And help point to tutorials or links that could help newbies as myself!.

Thank you for reading!