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Hey there!!!

Few weeks ago, I was in Lagos for an incubation hosted by USPF. The incubation is just one of the many support we're getting for emerging winners in the hackathon held in January. From the day I got the mail to fill in details for my flight itinerary, I just knew I was about to have the best weeks of my life.

On the scheduled day of travel, I left for the Asaba international airport, did all the check-ins that were necessary, and the way I handled it like a pro was just amazing. I already looked up all the details online, where to go to first, what to go with, what time to go and whom to talk to, so it was a lot easier.

When the pilot announced we were leaving, I could feel the excitement in my tummy, till the plane actually started moving, guys it wasn't funny at all. And there I found myself on air. It was a crazy feeling and I felt like throwing up, taking a pee and even a dump. And before I could finish admiring the beauty of the sight beneath the big bird, the air hostess/pilot or whoever it is that actually announces the arrival, cut my thoughts by announcing we were in Lagos.

Yay!!!!.... the long-awaited trip. Yes, I was gonna learn, meet my partners and mentors and still get the time to tour Lagos a bit. I was very excited.

I took a cab and went straight to Cocoon suites located at Illupeju, Lagos, which I was able to find with the help of Timbu . This is one of the best hotels I've been to. The services they offer is a "4 star" for me. Amazing meals and drinks. And breakfast? yummy. To top it, it's quite affordable, given its pricing.

During the Incubation period, we had amazing lectures and visited fine places like the Maryland mall, NEXT hub, GoDo hub, and had a fine treat at Coldstone. There's a lot I wanna talk about, but I'll add more with time and as I recall.

But my point is, I would love to experience such again. I would love to visit a new location and tour a lot because in visiting new places, you witness a new culture. And meet people, which is one of the things I love to do.

In my next post, I'll be writing in details more things to look out for in your first air trip.