What is an atsign and why you need one?

What is an atsign and why you need one?

An atSign is a unique handle that functions as your identity for applications built on the at‎Platform.

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Following the questions, I got asked in person and even online, I am taking this opportunity to talk about what an ‎atSign is and why you should get one.

First, it is pronounced as ‘at-sign’. An ‎atSign is a unique handle that functions as your digital identity for apps built on the atPlatform.

In this article, you will learn about atSign, atPlatform, and the idea behind this privacy-focused technology.

Have you ever thought of an internet where you don’t need to worry about ReCaptcha, email sign-ins, cookies, and ‘forgot password? Read on

What is the atPlatform?

The atPlatform, pronounced as “at-platform,” is a full-stack platform(i.e., a set of software technologies that allows building a solution that provides the end customer with a complete product) written in Dart and Flutter and includes a wide range of widgets, services, and libraries designed to create privacy-first applications.

Developed by The atsign Company, the atPlatform provides various tools for developers to build end-to-end encrypted solutions.

The atPlatform is open source, and the team loves Pull Requests(PRs).

The atPlatform solves one of the fundamental problems of today’s internet - The replication of Data. The internet is designed so that solutions providers own your data; however, with the atPlatform, YOU own your data.

And because we refrain from using emails as unique identifiers, we created atSigns (atsigns) which are your encryption keys.

What is an atSign?

An atSign is a handle (i.e., @‎iamCynthiaPeter) that functions as your digital identity. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your Data is 100% owned and controlled by you. Like your Twitter or Instagram username but with more functions, the atPlatform is your key to opening all the doors to applications built on the atPlatform.

An atSign can be as simple as @‎alice, @‎bob419, @‎awesomedev, or even @‎iamcynthia💙.

To access applications or solutions built on the @‎platform, you’d need to get an atSign. And for some fun and straightforward reasons, The atsign Company has provided a free collection of cool atSigns. These atSigns combine fun words and numbers; I got one that is @‎tastelesscoffee.

If you need an atSign that is more customized and personalized, you’d need to pay between $10 - $5000 for each.

However, if you want to try out the applications we currently have or are just curious about the coolest atSign you could get for free, head over to my.atsign.com/go and get yours.

How to get an atSign

Now that you understand what an atSign is and what it is used for, you’re thinking, how do you get one?

First, head on to my.atsign.com/go to get free atSigns. You can scroll down to create a custom atSign for as low as $10. The screenshot below shows the page.


However, to understand why this technology is important, you can get the free atSign to test applications.

Choose one or more free atSign, Click on the ‘add to cart button on your right, and you will see a pop-up like the one below:

add atsigns to cart.png

This takes you to the checkout page. Follow the rest of the steps to get an atSign.

Note: You know you have successfully created an atsign when you get confetti🎊 - Yes, we love to celebrate.

Now I have my atSign; what's next?

Now that you have an atSign, I am sure you want to try it out and see how it works. There is no better way to understand things better than actually digging in.

Download the @mospherePro file-sharing app available for Android, Windows, or iOS.

Enter your activated atSign, and you can use the @‎mospherePro app to send and receive files from anywhere in the world.


Unlike a Twitter handle or username, an atSign acts as a digital gatekeeper who controls what Data you share, with whom, and for how long. And to access any application built on the atPlatform, you need an atSign.

Head over to my.atsign.com/go to get yours. Share your atSign with us on Twitter.

And let’s #FlipTheInternet Together.

Are you an open-source enthusiast looking for projects to contribute to? AtmospherePro is open for contributions. Visit the GitHub Repo to learn more.

Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter @atsigncompany.

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