Hi there!

I am Cynthia Peter.

I am a tech enthusiast, currently working as a technical writer @Onebank. I enjoy building mobile applications using flutter and dart. On days when I am not building, I can be found scribbling things down on google docs, throwing bants on Twitter, or just spending some quality time with my loved ones.

I am from Anambra, a southeastern state in Nigeria. And a strong advocate for the Igbo language. I live a pretty nomadic life, as a creative and someone that likes to explore, I just move as the inspiration comes. Probably why I often prefer remote gigs.😊

However, aside from building with flutter and dart, I am learning to be better at technical writing. I am a natural when it comes to writing, all I am doing now is to master the art of writing for a more specific audience. I find technical writing intriguing, the art of being able to write things down for someone else to read, understand, and be able to follow the same steps to achieve their own goal. That to me is a high level of sorcery.⚡

In the coming months, I will put my foot out there, get consistent at writing, and find better ways to hold the doors and open it to newbie developers because that's where my passion lies. Writing for newbies and people with no background in tech. I recently started doing this with Likeamfive.

You can find some of my articles on✍

Let's connect on Twitter.